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Selecting My Account will allow you to review your account information, complete your download order, and review past download orders.

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If you have ordered high-resolution images from us, you may download them by clicking Pickup and entering a user name and password that we will email to you. Images can be downloaded one at a time by clicking on each thumbnail (right-click to save them to your computer), or all at once by clicking the zip archive link.

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Clicking About Us will take you to an informative profile of Granger.

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Please contact us if you are having difficulty using our site, wish to order pictures, or have not found the images you are looking for—we are always happy to help you with your search. Also, please keep in mind that we are adding new images to our digital database every day. Click the Contact link at the bottom of each page to e-mail us or obtain our phone and fax numbers.

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The Terms & Conditions link will open a window that explains the terms and conditions for the use of our website as well as the conditions surrounding the lease and licensing of images of Granger.

Search Help and Tips

The more specific you can be the better your chance of finding the pictures you need.

You can search for images by entering:

  • a single word (tricorn)

  • phrase (labor movement)

  • string of words (monk and Middle Ages and France)

  • a century (9th century)

  • a decade (1890s)

  • a specific year (1911)

  • medium (painting or photograph)

  • seven-digit image number beginning with zero (0102552)

Spelling & Punctuation
While our search engine allows for multiple spellings of many terms, please use the word prompter as you type in the search box to find the spellings available in our keyword database.

Please do not use punctuation in your search.

Time Periods & Dynasties
You may further limit your search within a century by including the terms early, mid, or late (example: early 20th century).

For images from the late 19th century to the early 20th century, you may search for the phrase 'turn of the century.'

You may also search by historical time periods and dynasties (examples: Edo period, Pre Columbian, The Great Depression, Qing Dynasty).

Using 'AND', 'OR', and 'NOT'
You can use as many keywords as you like to define the limits of a search.

  • Use 'AND' to return only those images that contain both keywords. Example: 'Civil War AND photograph' will return only photographs of the Civil War.
  • Use 'NOT' to limit your results. Example: 'Civil War NOT photograph' will return all images of the Civil War in all formats except photography.
  • Use 'OR' to expand your results. Example: 'Civil War AND photograph OR painting' will return all photographs and paintings of the Civil War.

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Search Within
Example: if you search for 'American and daily life' but only want to see interiors, click Search Within and enter 'interior' in the search box to filter those pictures from the first set of results.

You can filter searches by color or orientation. Use the check-boxes select Color and/or B&W, Horizontal and/or Vertical for more precise results.

Browse Images
Browse by Category, Century, Region, or Country or by any combination of those.

Lightbox Help

Lightboxes are useful for categorizing and saving your image searches across multiple projects.

To add an image to your lightbox, click the Add to lightbox icon under the thumbnail or preview image.

You can change the order in which images are added to the lightbox under ‘Preferences’ in the bottom frame.

Bottom Lightbox Frame


Organizing Your Lightbox

Advanced Lightbox Manager

The Advanced Lightbox Manager allows you to edit your lightbox - delete, copy and rename lightboxes, remove multiple items at a time from a lightbox, edit notes and comments, copy and move items from one lightbox to another, rearrange items in a lightbox, email a lightbox, and print a lightbox.

Images can be re-ordered by clicking and dragging the thumbnail.

Two Lightboxes

You may view up to two lightboxes at a time in the Advanced Lightbox Manager.

Items can be moved between lightboxes  by clicking and dragging. To copy multiple items to the other lightbox, check the items from one lightbox and select the Add to top or Add to end icon from the menu bar. Items can be added to the beginning or end of the lightbox.


Upload File to a Lightbox Upload File to a Lightbox Save Lightbox to a File Save Lightbox to a File
View Lightbox in the Main Site View Lightbox in the Main Site Print Lightbox Print Lightbox
Email Lightbox Email Lightbox Copy Lightbox Copy Lightbox
Rename Lightbox Rename Lightbox Delete Lightbox Delete Lightbox
Edit Notes Edit Notes Edit Comments Edit Comments
Copy Comments to the Other Lightbox Copy Comments to the Other Lightbox Undo the Last Change to This Lightbox Undo the Last Change to This Lightbox
Options for Dropping Items Options for Dropping Items Check all Items Check all Items
Uncheck all Items Uncheck all Items Remove Checked Items Remove Checked Items
Help Help

Ordering and Downloading Images

Price an image license by clicking 'Calculate Price' on the image Preview page, entering the rights you need and completing all the fields. You may save this license for later use by assigning a unique name in the ‘Save License As’ field.

Click 'Add to cart' to save the image license in your shopping cart. Repeat for all images as necessary.

When you are ready to checkout, you have two options:

  • 'Bill Me Later' — use this option if you'd like to speak with a representative; you will receive the download link once project and payment details are settled
  • 'Pay by Credit Card' — use this option to pay immediately and receive an instant download

If you are purchasing on behalf of another company, tick the box and complete the form with the billing information. Please note you may only use ‘Bill Me Later’ with this feature.



All images are rights managed.

Images are priced based on usage. Fees can be determined by clicking 'Calculate Price' on the image Preview page, entering the rights you need and completing all the fields.

If you wish to discuss multiple uses, bulk pricing or other pricing concerns, please contact us.

If you are an existing customer and have rates already established with Granger, please contact us for pricing.

Please note that the calculator does not cover all potential uses. If you cannot find your specific use listed, or if you wish to discuss multiple uses, bulk pricing or any other pricing concerns, please contact us. You may also use our order form to obtain a custom quote - be sure to include the details of the rights you are seeking and a representative will be in touch with you shortly.


Signing Out

To sign out, click SIGN OUT in the upper right corner next to your name.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please keep in mind that we are adding new pictures to our database every day, and are happy to help you in your image search. Please call us at 212-447-1789 or e-mail us.